I have tested a bit what are possible material types. Generally not all colors could work together with all kind of material types. There are some defined pairs which could exist together and some are not possible. In next post I will describe all possibilities.

Because Cube3 have the same PCB board like Cube Pro it is possible to set material configurations like in case of Cube Pro. Actually ReCube is able to manage cartridges configurations also for Cube Pro. What is also interesting I was able to use generated file with CubePro slicer in Cube3 after changing of extension in file to *.cube3. Unfortunately it shows up error when I try to start printing, but it could be related to special material type which was set in cartridge (flex one).

Here are some examples of configurations pairs:

Flex Marsala

Flex Midnight


Currently there is new version of firmware for CubePro, so maybe it is possible to use updates from CubePro in Cube3 after some small reworks.