Everything started when I have broken up my father’s old watch. I have opened it, tried to check how it is constructed and unfortunately I was to young to assemble it back. But that gave me idea that everything is made by people same like me so it means that I am able to find how it is organized. Since that moment my journey in hacking world started 🙂

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  1. Darren says:

    I notice that you could write to the chips. However, for most of us what i noticed by looking through the forums is that there is a shortage on available chips. I currently use the filament hack that doesn’t write to any of the chips. I must say it works quite well. But my concern is that i have no ABS chips. I found that the chip part number (DS28E01G-100+T&R). Have you considered ordering some and selling custom programmed chips to forum users?

    • tomuro says:

      I will not order and sell programmed chips because there are 2 issues:
      1. Currently there is a problem with availability of this memory chips
      2. Cost of transportation from my country anywhere outside is to high

      But with ReCube Pro version you are able to change not only color and amount of filament but also material type from PLA to ABS.

  2. JohnTee says:

    Hi –
    I’ve downloaded the “Recube Lite” files.
    I need to rewrite chips so as to convert Ekocycle cartridges to Cube3 cartridges.
    How do I obtain “Recube Pro”?
    John in Texas

  3. Callum says:


    I have recently purchased the ReCube light, and am blown away. Fantastic work
    Is it able to also change the color the EKOCYCLE printer reads from the catridge, or just the percentage?


    • tomuro says:


      Pro version is able to change color, material and percentage. It is also able to change cartridge from Ekocycle to Cube3 and back.

    • tomuro says:

      ReCube Pro is able to change color, material, percentage and change cartridge from Ekocycle to Cube3 and back.

  4. Luvio says:

    Hi there! I’ve been using the ReCube Light for quite some time now and would like to start using the Pro features. How would I be able to obtain the Pro version of ReCube?

  5. Eric Albert says:

    Found this excellent project just now (december 2019). How can I get the Pro version software? My school has a Cube3 and I can construct the Lite option but the extra abilities would be useful.

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